Per Head Sportsbook Solutions

With our service, you will find all the per head sportsbook solutions you may need, all in a professional, secure and easy to use platform and environment. Beginning with a four weeks free trial, you will have a little taste of what your sportbook business can become not just for your customers, but for you and the overall operation. Then to maintain it you will have to pay only $9.99 per week.

Obtain access to:

  • Player Management
  • Players Payments Management
  • Weekly Balances and Player Totals
  • Open Bets and Bet Ticker
  • Agent Exposure
  • Custom Lines
  • Financial Reports

That’s right; the full package will give you more control than ever to develop new ideas, strategies and closer relationships with your clients. While your customers will be able to wager 24/7 in several sports and horse racing alongside to play more than 100 online casino games, you will be able to review and analyze diverse reports.

Obtain a full report with detailed information on all your players and their betting action. Get access to their available balance, credit limit, maximum wagers and other features. Starting with a trusting relationship, follow closely your player’s line of credit to know your current balance with them.

Be aware of how many players are active, their total wagers, wins and losses. Determine your player’s priorities when it’s time to choose between sports betting, horse racing and online casino games. Don’t lose track of the pending wagers and the details behind it, including incoming wagers in real time, leading you to react instantly if necessary. Trust us to be your #1 per head sportsbook solutions!

Know what you have at risk in real-time trough agent exposure. Review all the numbers by sports or individual players and establish the better conditions and/or limits. Set custom lines for your players based on their wagering career and change the odds based on whatever your business needs.

Finally, with the financial reports and some other financial tools you will control the numbers no matter what. Weekly payments, agent adjustments and settled figures. You are one click away to be able to offer your clients a wide variety of props to bet on sports like sides, totals, parlays, teasers, if-bets, reverses, futures and more. More than 100 horses tracks to immerse into the Horse Racing world and an online casino with Las Vegas-style and more than 100 games. Our per head sportsbook solutions has everything you need!

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us via phone, email or chat to talk about it.

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